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LPH is a  company that caters to the needs of dogs and their parents. Reaching the heart and soul of each and every dog, through a holistic approach of science based training, grooming & daycare  where care is personalized even for the most fearful or anxiety filled dog.

LPH methods are designed to get your dog to think and make conscious decisions by using positive & reward based training methods and creating that life long relationship of trust and mutual respect between dog parent and dog.

The ideology is creating your journey of bliss for a lifetime, and training with your dog for your lifestyle.

Hope Garlick
LittlePawsOfHope, LTD 
Dog Training, Daycare, Lodging, & Spa
Westbury Dog Trainer| LittlePawsOfHope, LTD | (917) 519-5708

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  • "I love having a place where I know my pup is safe and cared for while he also gets to socialize. I’m so fortunate to have found Hope and her team."
  • "Love these guys! My little monster is putty in their hands. They took such good care of him and I wouldn’t go anywhere else!"
  • "Warm, caring staff. My pup is always happy to go... says a lot!"


APDT Animal Behavior College Peaceable Paws PET CPR CERTIFIED

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Meet The Team

Learn Who We Are

  • Karla Melendez
    Assistant Pet Stylist

    Karla is out going, dedicated and animal loving employee.  She has a certification in pet care / grooming from Nassau BOCES CSS that she obtained June of 2018.  She also experienced working with exotic animals.  Since a small child her dream was to work with animals and it has become her passion.  Karla joined the LPH team in June 2019 working with animals brings her joy and has been dedicated to become a professional groomer with LPH.

  • Nikita Tannous
    Team Leader

    Nikita is from Switzerland and  moved to New York in 2018.  She obtained her certification in animal care, from the Animal Guardian School of Switzerland.  She also worked as the Director of Societa Protezione Animal Locarno e Valli shelter for animals in Switzerland. Animals are her true passion.

  • Hope Garlick
    Certified Dog Trainer - Founder

    Hope Garlick is a Certified Pet Dog Trainer and a professional member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) an organization of individual dog trainers who are committed to becoming better trainers through education worldwide. She is also trained in pet CPR.

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  • ​Desiree Rapp
    Assistant Manager

    Desiree Rapp has been part of the LPH team since the summer of 2015. She has obtained a Master's Degree in Social Work, which means she is an expert in the cognitive-behavioral sciences used here with our more fearful and anxious guests. She has a passion and love for animals as well as the family's they belong to.

    Pet CPR Certified

  • Shannon Henry
    Professional Groomer

    Graduate of New York school of dog grooming. Ten years of experience. Joined LPH September 2018. Experience grooming dogs, cats, small animals, and horses.

  • Daniela Freire
    Head Dog Trainer

    Dani is a Professional dog trainer from Brasil and former competitive participant in agility trials.  She joined the LPH team in 2019 and continues to add her own body of knowledge in the behavior field as well as many faucets of pet dog training.  Specializing in fear, anxiety & puppies.  Continues her ongoing education in the field of dog training and behavior studies.

    She is also a member of the Association for Professional Dog Trainers (APDT). Pet CPR Certified

    Since an early age dogs have always been an important part of her life.  Instead of first word being mom or dad it was a name of a dog.  

    She is mom to four beautiful Brazilian Terriers: Chilli, Beans, Evee & Kira

  • Francesca Cyr
    Team Leader

    Francesca joined the LPH Team in 2019.  Before joining our team, Fran rode trained and competed on horses all over Long Island.  Fran represented the Metropolitan Region for United States Pony Club in the discipline of show jumping.  Fran has also trained students of all ages from age 5+. When she is not here hanging out with all of LPH doggy guest you can find out riding.

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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "Hope is just an amazing person--so committed to what she does and loved how she constantly kept in touch while our Pug was at her training facility for 2 weeks!"
    Shannon A.
  • "Took great care of my dog while we were away. Will definitely entrust them with my dog again when we go away."
    Nicole B.
  • "Our two dogs had a wonderful time there. Would use them again!"
    Greg H.