Pet Grooming

Looking for Pet Grooming puppy or adult dog in Old Westbury NY?

If you live in Old Westbury, NY, or surrounding area and have a puppy or dog, you may be frustrated trying to find a groomer who specializes in toy breeds and small dogs. Small dogs require special handling and care to avoid getting injured. Not all groomers are experienced in performing routine pet grooming on their smallest clients, and you know that trusting an inexperienced groomer could spell disaster for your beloved pet. That is why you need to schedule an appointment with our groomer at Little Paws of Hope. We also groom all size dogs.


We Love Our all Customers Big & Small

At Little Paws of Hope, we love all dogs . The owner and trainer, Hope Garlick, specializes in small dogs under 15 pounds. We know that toy dogs think they're big, but they can get seriously injured if handled roughly. At Little Paws of Hope, we use only positive reinforcement methods to train dogs, and we work kindly and gently with our little clients, treating them like we treat our own pets. We offer gentle grooming & handling that won't traumatize your pet.

Full Service Grooming

Whether your pup is in for a quick brush, a nail trim, blueberry facial or  a bubble bath, or even a full clip, you'll be glad you've taken your best friend to us. We know kind and humane methods for getting your pup clean and happy. We're a full service groomer, so if your pup needs a new pedicure, clean ears, or a detangle, we're here to help your pet look and feel great.

We Offer More than Just Pet Grooming Services

At Little Paws of Hope, we don't just offer pet grooming services for small dogs. We offer doggie daycare, boarding, and positive reinforcement training for small dogs under 15 pounds. Whether you have a tiny Chihuahua, a pretty Pom, a moxie Min Pin, or a mini mix breed, we have you covered. Hope Garlick is a certified dog trainer with the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) and an Animal Behavior College Certified Dog Trainer (ABCDT). Our staff recognizes the challenges that toy breeds and mixed breeds have when it comes to boarding, training, and daycare. Small dogs can often be intimidated or even injured by bigger dogs, and training methods that work for large dogs can be too harsh for smaller dogs.

If your toy breed or any breed is looking to find a gentle groomer in Old Westbury, NY, or surrounding area contact us at Little Paws of Hope, and schedule an appointment. Call us at (917) 519-5708. We treat your dog like he was our own.