Alternate Behavior Training

There can be some confusion and frustration when it comes to pet training. You want your dog to be well-behaved and avoid some problem behaviors, but knowing what training it should get can be challenging. Little Paws of Hope in Westbury, NY, has the alternate behavior training your dog needs to remain well-behaved and happy.

Bahavior training

How Alternate Behavior Training Reduces Negative Behaviors

Alternate behavior training is a process that teaches appropriate behaviors as a replacement for problem behaviors. Alternate behavior training uses positive reinforcement. An example of alternate behavior training would be teaching your dog to remain seated when a person walks into the room rather than jumping on them. The trainer would then give a treat to the dog when it successfully follows through with the positive behavior.

Pet Behavior Counseling Can Help You With Your Dog

Pet behavior counseling can seem like another way of saying training, but it is much more than that. Pet behavior counseling does a complete examination of your dog’s behavior. Your pet counselor will talk with you about your dog’s behaviors and develop a treatment plan. They will also want to observe your dog to get an understanding of how it acts. You should discuss any concerns you have about your dog’s behavior.

Some examples of things your pet behavior counselor will want to hear about include:

•           If you have any other pets

•           If there are children in the house, what the ages of your children are, and how they get along with your dog

•           If there have been any life changes in your household, such as a new baby or moving to a new home

•           Your dog’s diet and exercise

•           If there has been any construction in your house or its exterior

•           If your dog has any underlying medical conditions 

Your pet counselor will give guidance on what to do with your dog after receiving all this information. They may recommend you send your dog to a daycare or relative’s home if you are having construction done at home. Doing this can help relieve your dog’s anxiety and reduce negative behaviors. Your pet counselor may also recommend regular training sessions for your dog.

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Getting the training and counseling your dog needs should not feel like a hassle, so contact Little Paws of Hope in Westbury, NY, for training and counseling that will keep your dog well-behaved and happy. We want to help your dog feel more comfortable and confident in its home. Contact us today to learn more at (917) 519-5708.