Pet Boarding

Pet Boarding at Little Paws of Hope

Little Paws of Hope is happy to offer reliable pet boarding services. If you are wondering where to find dog boarding near me in Westbury, Old Westbury, or elsewhere in Nassau County, NY, you have come to the right place.


What is Pet Boarding?

Our new customers are welcome to come and tour our facilities and ask questions.  We are experienced with dogs that are missing home, and do everything we can to ease their transition to our boarding facilities.  Many of our customers like to bring their animals’ usual feed and like us to follow their feeding schedules, which is fine with us.  We are happy to make your pet's environment as homelike as possible.

Our staff consists of experienced caretakers, trainers, and other pet care professionals. If any problem arises with your pet, we will notify you immediately. We work with a local veterinarian who we contact as needed. Each of our staff will introduce themselves to your pet and learn your pet’s disposition. We want to make your pet as comfortable as possible and will tailor our services to your pet’s individual needs.

Safe Pet Boarding

Your dog will have their own space to sleep in, so they will not need to worry about other animals during their rest periods.  We have plenty of exercise areas where our staff will interact with your pet. We consider the weather when planning daily activity, and will not bring your pet outside if the weather is too hot or too cold for them.

Each boarded pet must have their vaccinations up to date and be free of any contagious illness. This ensures the safest possible environment for your pet. We have designated areas for pets who enjoy socializing. All play areas are fully enclosed, so there is no risk of your pet getting loose.

Our boarding area is cleaned thoroughly every day to ensure a safe and clean temporary living space for your pet. Our staff are held to a high standard of cleanliness and are expected to wash their hands between pet interactions and keep a clean work area. We also offer grooming and training services that we can perform while boarding your pet.

Pet Boarding Services in Westbury, NY

If you need dog boarding near me in the Westbury, Old Westbury, or Nassau County, NY area, consider pet boarding at Little Paws of Hope. For more information on our pet boarding services, call us at (917) 519-5708 or contact us online.