Training Testimonials

" training testimonial We cannot say enough good things about Hope and the myriad services she provides!! We have been extremely satisfied with doggy day care, training, and boarding at Little Paws of Hope. Our little Chihuahua/terrier mix was quite the handful when we first adopted her, and Hope immediately accepted the challenge of working with her (and us!) to train her to become a much more polite pup. Cherry has overcome her separation anxiety and has learned several new commands and positive behaviors. Hope has been wonderfully accommodating and responsive to both Cherry’s needs, as well as to ours, her parents (working with us to figure out convenient training appointments/drop off times for day care, etc.). Hope is an empathic and compassionate person who understands the nuances of dog behavior and tailors her approach to meet the needs/pace of each dog and human companion she works with. She is skilled and passionate about dog training, always learning more about her trade and sharing her knowledge with her clients. Hope has truly been a lifesaver to our family, and we will miss her dearly when we relocate soon out of state! We know that she is irreplaceable and one of a kind!! Thank you, Hope!
K, J, & Cherry

" training testimonial We were lucky to find Hope through a referral, and she has been a Godsend. We went through a few dog walking services prior to working with Hope, and find her services, approach, attention to detail and care to be without equal. I’ve had many dogs through the years, and never thought that I would be comfortable with boarding my pet anywhere, which left me at the mercy of friends and family. We’ve now boarded our 8 month old puppy with Hope several times, and not once has there been an issue with her stays. On the contrary, Bailey comes home happier and more well-behaved every time. We are also working with Hope in training, which is also proving to be better than any prior experience I have ever had with a trainer. She is truly one of a kind, and I know that she and those with whom she works care for our dig as if she were their own.
I can’t say enough about how great she is and how passionate she is about her caring for pets. We are fortunate that we live relatively close to Hope, but even if that were not the case, I would travel any distance to benefit from the services she offers and the love she gives to our Bailey.

" training testimonial We got Leah (a pitbull/lab mix) from a rescue organization. As she grew, nearing 50 pounds, she became more difficult to control. After interviewing several dog trainers, we chose to go with Hope. It was the perfect decision. We learned that you can train a dog using positive reinforcement (rather than a shock collar). Hope is so patient and you can tell she loves what she does.
We had to reschedule a couple of sessions and she was so flexible in accommodating our schedule. She responds quickly to calls/emails. Hope trained US how to manage Leah. She is now much better behaved in the house and when being walked. We couldn’t be happier with Little Paws of Hope.

" training testimonial A year ago we brought home our Bella and Vito. We knew right away that we needed to be trained. We initially brought someone in and realized their training method of dominance did not work for us. Wethankfully found Hope in our local newspaper. Within minutes of meeting her we knew she was for us and our “babies.” She trains by reward and not screaming. Not only were the puppies in training but sowere we. The four of us enjoyed her visits and all learned alot.
Recently we went out of town. Hope took care of the puppies. Her setup is excellent. It’s like going to camp. There is plenty of room to run in her yard, her well behaved dogs play with your dog(s). She sends pictures and videos throughout the time you are away. We were able to enjoy ourselves and not worry about our puppies. We’re not sure they wanted the weekend to end! If they could talk, they would probably ask when we are going away again. Hope is the best!

" training testimonial Brie and I wanted to thank you for all of the time that you spent with US to achieve our training goals. We Just moved and Brie needed to learn to cope with the new home and spending time alone during the day. My biggest issue with Brie was Separation Anxiety. It broke my heart to leave her at home while I was at work, but you helped Us get though every step and was extremely patient, positive, supportive and informative. Separation Anxiety is a very difficult thing to deal with in a dog and it can be exhausting and push you to the limit. But if you find someone as great as Hope and follow the plan, You will get your life back.
I highly recommend her Services, with much appreciation.

" training testimonial Hope is helping me train my new Yorkie pup, Chewie, and we couldn’t be happier! Chewie is catching on very fast thanks to the simple techniques that Hope has shown us. In just two sessions, he knows how to sit, give Paw, do “down”, go to his bed on command, pay attention, touch my hand on command, and now he’s learning to go to the kitchen behind his gate then someone is at the door and to stop barking on command! Hope uses positive and calming training techniques and individualizes classes to you and your dog’s needs. Chewie is a shy boy, but he’s come out of his shell quite a bit since we got him thanks to the techniques that we’ve learned from Hope! Hope is also helping us wee wee pad train Chewie, which is a godsend! He’s catching on fast! We’ll also be sending Chewie to Hope’s place for “Tiny Tots Boarding” while we’re on vacation next month. I can rest assured that Chewie will be pampered and having tons of fun with Hope and her pack at Tiny Tots! 5 STARS!!!
Hope also does pick ups and drop offs in Brooklyn at the moment for boarding and will travel to your home for training sessions!
She also provides doggie day care for those of you who live close enough to drop off your pooch!
Thank you so much Hope.

" training testimonial When I first decided to get Tallulah, a Jack Russell Terrier, I called my friend and positive dog trainer Hope Garlick of Little Paws of Hope and made sure she was going to be free to help me train Tallulah, she arrived a month later. Hope was here to help me be a great parent to my girl since she is my first. Hope taught her how to be a great obedient pet and me some doggy parenting skills. After just a few training sessions Tallulah was doing hand targeting, sits, leave it, down and rolling over. It was just amazing how quickly Tallulah picked it up and me. I am so happy with Tallulah; I would like to thank Hope, I could not have done it without her.
P.S. Hope Garlick is an amazing positive dog trainer I recommend her to everyone.

M training testimonial y Dog, Maxie and I couldn’t be happier with Hope Garlick. Our sessions with her were great! Maxie picked up the commands so quickly, especially not having much training. People on the street acknowledge the obedience she has. The training techniques were so easy for me to learn and teach to my little Maxie compatible for everyday living.
Hope is “Exceptional!” in just 3 sessions Maxie was listening to my commands, no tugging or pulling when I would take her on her walks. My little Maxie, a Boxer, who just turned 2, is now a well-trained, happy young lady! Thank you Hope for your time, training and guidance; I would recommend Little Paws of Hope to anyone whose needs to set there dog up for success!

" training testimonial Here we are with our 1 year old Jack Russell. His owner disappeared after we said we would dog sit. None the less we didn’t know what we were getting into or how he was raised in his first 6 months of life. All we knew is that people were scared to get on the elevator with him. He would growl and bear his teeth. He would go into his own zone of ferocious. We new it wasn’t him it was us. We needed help quick!!
We got ourselves a trainer the owner of Paws of Hope, Hope Garlick. She taught us that we needed to have Bonkers focus on us. He needed to earn his treats. We needed to be aware of our surroundings while we were with him. We needed to help him blow off energy in order for him to be calm. Our trainer let us know that he is lacking confidence and is scared causing him to lash out the way he did. We are happy to say we have gotten compliments on the elevator on his behavior. He no longer feels threatened. We are able to walk him and because of our awareness we are able to get his focus. So nothing else matters. We’ve been able to have him around family, friends and children.
Hope helped us to make the change. We realize that consistency is the key and everyone in the house needs to adhere to the rules on how to treat him. Thank you paws of hope for teaching us positive reinforcement and being able to have a happier home for Bonkers. We work everyday to help him be a confident dog.

" training testimonial Hi,
My name is Layla and I live with the Delancey family, Hope offered training to my parents after she witnessed me pulling my owner down the block. When Hope came to make an assessment and advised my owners what they needed to do to make me an obedient dog they agreed. However, after a few short days life got in the way. They weren’t walking me and left me in my crate most of the time causing me to be anxious and full of wild energy. Hope advised my owners that she could not continue with the training since no one was walking me or giving me structure. As painful as it was she advised my owners to give me up to someone who could make the time. They reluctantly agreed after much persuasion on Hope’s part. I now have a owner who has time for me and I still get to see my previous owners from time to time. But most importantly I am great and turned out to be a wonderful dog.
Thank you Hope for your time, Patience’s and advice without it I am not too sure how it would have turned out.