ESA Training

At Little Paws of Hope, LTD we want to help everyone in the Westbury, NY, Syosset, NY, and Plainview, NY, areas get the support of an animal that can help keep them calm and comforted. If you have a small dog that needs training to become an emotional support animal, for example, we offer ESA training that can work for you. If you are looking for a “small dog trainer near me,” we are here to help.

ESA Training

What Is an Emotional Support Animal?

An emotional support animal, or ESA, is an animal that someone uses to help them with depression, anxiety, or other mental health conditions. This animal can be a calming presence, something to touch or hold when scared or sad, and a companion to give you the strength to do your daily duties. A lot of people already bond with their pets for emotional support but having a trained ESA can be helpful in some circumstances.

Can You Train a Small Dog?

Most dogs can be trained to be ESAs. If you already have a small dog, or you're planning on getting one, working with us to train him as an ESA will give you the opportunity to help him be better at consoling someone in their sorrows. It's important to remember that a support animal and a service animal aren't the same thing, though, so you'll still have restrictions even after ESA training.

How Does Pet Training Work?

Pet training typically starts when an animal is young because it's much less complicated to train younger animals like puppies. However, older dogs can be trained to handle specific environments and provide certain behaviors so you can focus on getting the support you need and want from them. We can help you train your small dog specifically to be an ESA so he can be there for you or another as a support animal.

Get Pet Training to Help Your Small Dog Become an Emotional Support Animal

If you're located in or near Syosset, NY, Plainview, NY, or Westbury, NY, get in touch with us today at Little Paws of Hope, LTD for the ESA training your small dog or other animal needs. The right pet training can make a big difference in how well your animal handles being an ESA so they can continue to provide comfort for your, or others’, emotional and mental health. Call us at (917) 633-5231 for dog training or at (917) 519-5708 for the office. A “small dog trainer near me” is here to help.