Service Training

We at Little Paws of Hope, LTD are a canine daycare and spa serving the Syosset, NY, Plainview, NY, and Westbury NY, areas. We also provide lodging, grooming, and specialize in small dog training. We are happy to help ensure your furry friend is happy and well taken care of during their stay with us. We are especially proud of our training services and offer a variety of methods to help dogs overcome issues like anxiety, fear, soiling, and manners. If you're interested in training a service animal, our pet training course can help build a strong foundation for more specific training later. Keep reading for more information on service training for dogs. A “small trainer near me” is here to help.

Service Training

What Is a Service Dog?

A service dog is a canine that's specially trained to help people with a variety of disabilities navigate their daily lives. To be considered a service animal, dogs must meet the requirements set forth by the Americans With Disabilities Act. Emotional support and therapy dogs are not considered service animals under the ADA.

Breeds that Make Good Service Dogs

Not all dogs can perform the duties of a service dog. In fact, over 50% of candidates don't complete the training. Some breeds have a better disposition and are better able to perform the necessary tasks than others. Some of these breeds include:

●             Great Dane

●             St. Bernard

●             Labrador Retrievers

●             Golden Retrievers

●             German Shepherds

●             Poodles

Usually, bigger dogs are better able to handle physical tasks like turning lights on, opening doors, and retrieving items for their handler.

What Makes a Dog a Good Candidate for Service?

Under the guidelines of the ADA, individuals are able to train their own dogs. However, they should meet certain criteria. It's also suggested that a dog is chosen that:

●             Is calm

●             Has a willingness to please

●             Is alert but not reactive

●             Is socialized

●             Can be reliable to perform tasks

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