Pet Daycare

Our Pet Daycare

Whether you're busy at work, school, or just have to go out for a few hours, at Little Paws of Hope, we offer the very best care for your littlest best friend in Westbury, NY. Your pup will enjoy the company of other dogs, and get terrific socialization while you're unable to be with him. If you have a toy breed or small mixed breed, Little Paws of Hope is your place for gentle care and training.

Pet Daycare

We Specialize in Toy Breeds

If you have a toy breed or a dog who is under 15 pounds, you know how hard it is to find other pets who are his size. No matter how big he is at heart, your pup can accidentally be injured by a friendly dog who is much bigger than him. We know your dog's safety is on the top of your concern list. That's why Hope Garlick developed Little Paws of Hope Daycare, to ensure your dog gets socialization without being afraid of being injured by the bigger pups.

What to Expect at Our Toy Doggie Daycare


Your small breed dog will be treated the way we treat our own dogs: with love, respect, and care. He'll enjoy playtime with other small, non-aggressive pets, and even get a snack and time to nap, if he wants to.  We know that pets need time to be with each other to learn how to be dogs, and how to behave properly around other pets and people. If your pet becomes a "regular," he'll be looking forward to his time meeting and playing with his new best friends.

Take Advantage of Our Other Services While You're at Work or School

If your dog could use a brush up on his manners and training, Hope Garlick is a certified pet dog trainer with the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) and an Animal Behavior College Certified Dog Trainer (ABCDT). She uses exclusively positive reinforcement techniques and is a humane and kind trainer, understanding the difficulties many small dog owners face when training a toy breed.

If your dog is in need of specialized grooming, we do that too at Little Paws of Hope. Our spa is designed exclusively for all dogs, and we're educated on all proper clips and cuts, whether for pet or for show. We offer nail trimmings and pedicures for your pet, because little paws deserve to be pampered.

If you are planning on boarding your small dog for pet daycare in Westbury, NY, be sure to contact us at Little Paws of Hope at (917) 519-5708. We treat your small dog like he was our own.