Positive Reward Based Training

Are you tired of scolding your new puppy when they break the rules? It's an unpleasant experience for everyone involved, and more often than not, it doesn't yield the desired results. At Little Paws of Hope, LLC in Westbury, we offer an alternative approach: positive reward-based training.

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What is positive reward-based training?

It's quite simple: Do something good, and you get something good in return. Positive reward-based training begins with selecting the behaviors you want from your pet, such as going to the bathroom outside or choosing to chew on toys instead of furniture. The next step is choosing a reward for your pet, whether it's a treat, plenty of head pats, or an energetic dance party in the yard.

Here are some tips for effective positive reward-based training:

1. Consistency is Key: It's crucial to maintain consistency in your pet's training day after day, even when it seems like it's not working. Your pet needs to learn that their behaviors result in positive consequences, and consistency is the way for them to understand that good behavior leads to great rewards.

2. Always Be Prepared: If you're rewarding your pet with a treat every time they exhibit a desired behavior, ensure you have a well-stocked supply on hand. When your pet knows they can expect the same positive outcome each time they perform a behavior, they're more likely to continue displaying that behavior.

3. Involve Your Entire Family: Consistency is vital in the training process, and it's essential that your whole family is on the same page when it comes to positive reward-based training. This doesn't mean that every family member needs to shower your dog with treats at all hours. Instead, it means that your family has collectively decided to reinforce positive behaviors while paying less attention to negative ones.

At Little Paws of Hope, LLC, We're Here for You and Your Pet

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