Pet Behavioral Counseling

Little Paws of Hope in Westbury, NY, is proud to offer a behavior modification and counseling program. Behavior issues are common in pets, especially puppies. These bumps in the road can be frustrating, because it's not always the first thing we think of when we bring home our furry bundle of joy. 

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What Is Pet Behavior Counseling?

On the surface, pet behavior counseling may seem like a fancy name for training. However, while there is trading involved, behavior counseling is much more. It's a specialty area that closely examines an animal's behavior. Much more goes into it than giving a dog a bone when they do the trick.

When you book an appointment with a behavioral pet counselor, they will sit with you and your pet. The specialist will ask what behavior concerns you and how it affects your family and pet.

They may take an inventory or checklist of contributing factors, like:

    • life changes (a move, new baby, absence of family members)
    • other pets
    • children
    • construction (indoors or out)
    • underlying health conditions
    • diet
    • amount of daily exercise

Concerning Pet Behavior

For instance, pets used to peace can experience severe anxiety if there is sudden constant noise like construction. In this instance, a counselor may suggest sending your pet to a relative or daycare, where it can relax in a less stressful environment.

Another example would be if the pet cries or destroys things when you leave. This action could indicate separation anxiety. In this case, they may suggest a sitter, daycare, or simply watching the television for comfort.

Whatever the issue is, the behavior specialist will work with you to develop a treatment plan to help your pet. The method may involve bringing your pet in for regular training sessions.

Visit Little Paws of Hope for Behavioral Counseling

You will also need to reinforce the training and treatment at home. So you or a family member must have the time to invest. It won't happen overnight. Like humans, changing behavior doesn't happen overnight and takes patience. But behavioral counseling and training have been proven to help rid your furry friend of negative behaviors.

Call Little Paws of Hope in Westbury, NY if your pet has issues. Our expert and caring staff are here to answer questions in Syosset and Plainview. Call our office at (917) 519-5708 to schedule an appointment.